September 29, 2013

What Killed Them? VUL SCLOPET

Cause of death for confederate soldier Russell Comfort:


At first I was not sure if it was all one word or an abbreviation.  Luckily the military website Fold3 published this explanation:

Vulnus sclopetarium is a wound inflicted by a gunshot. Other similar spellings found included: vulnus sclopeticum (defined as multiple flesh wounds), vuluus sclopet, vul sclopeticum, viel sclopet, and vulius sclopet.

September 7, 2013

Good Information but Wrong Person -- SHARE IT !

I spent some time in the NYC Municipal Archives this week focusing on the Moran family. I wanted to find the marriage certificate for Thomas and wife Agnes and then a birth certificate for their son.

I was quite sure they married in 1928 and found an apparent match. But, it was NOT the right Thomas. The one who married Agnes Cosgrove in 1928 was born in NYC, was a stableman and lived in Manhattan. The one I was searching for was a tugboat captain, born in Ulster County and lived in Brooklyn.

I searched again and again, but did not find them. However, I will post my findings on message boards for Moran and Cosgrove to help those who might want this information but are not able to get to NYC. Perhaps one day someone else will find my Thomas and will help me out by posting the information.