June 1, 2017

I found the wrong deceased Eliza Leadbetter in Lancashire

I was researching Eliza Holmes who was born in Garston, Lancashire in 1876 to George Holmes and Fanny Street.  In 1896 she married Joseph Leadbetter and they were recorded together in the census of 1901 and 1911 … then, of course, the trail stops due to the UK 100 year privacy rules.

Some family members thought she had outlived her husband and remarried, living in Garston again where she was born.  I believe that Joseph died in 1940.  However, I could not find a marriage record that matched the surname of Eliza’s assumed second husband.  So, I looked again for her death as Leadbetter… and found a death in May of 1950 for Eliza Leadbetter, born in 1876. That seemed to match!

We just received a copy of the death certificate and it definitely is NOT Eliza Holmes. This Mrs Leadbetter was the widow of Alfred John Leadbetter, a builder/joiner. Eliza Holmes was married to Joseph who was a musician.

So, if you happen to be looking for Alfred’s widow, I have her certificate and would happily forward it to you. Her informant was her son, listed a J. Leadbetter of Waterloo Road in Manchester. Eliza was listed as 74 when she died on May 15, 1950 at 104 Rice Lane in Walton Park.

I went back and looked again for my Eliza and was very surprised to discover that she died in 1919 (with her probate record confirming she was the wife of Joseph the musician).  It was Joseph who remarried … but never lived in Garston. 

Family tales can lead you astray.