June 30, 2013

PHOTOQUEST: The Tonery Sisters of Ellenville NY

I recently received a copy of this photo with the central two women identified as the Coughlin sisters of Lackawack, Anna and Eunice. It is thought the photo was taken about 1910. The others are identified as Agnes Tonery and Mary. I am wondering if they could be the Tonery sisters of Ellenville NY ... and if so, which is which?

The relative who has the photo thought that "Mary" was also a Coughlin, but Anna and Eunice had no sisters, no sister-in-laws named Mary, and no known cousins.

Agnes Tonery was born in 1886 and her sister Mary in 1878.  It appears that they always lived in Ulster County (Ellenville and Napanoch). Mary married Lewis Westbrook in the mid-1930s and Agnes, unmarried, was living with them in the 1940 census.

If you can identify either or both the women standing with Anna, please let me know. Thanks!

June 25, 2013

Searching for Harry Conklin of Lackawack NY

He was the oldest son of John and Etta in this Ulster County town, listed with them in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, born 1893.  It seems he married Georgiana Lavanture about 1913 in Bridgeport, CT (where his two older sisters lived in 1910). Their only son was born there in 1914 and by 1918, Harry was back in Ulster County where he referenced his mother, not his wife, on his WW I registration card.

I have searched and searched for him in the 1920 and 1930 records without success.  He and Georgiana evidently went their separate ways shortly after their son’s birth and were divorced before 1922 when she married Albert Dawsey.  Their son Bernie was found in Bridgeport with his mother (listed as a WIDOW) and maternal grandmother in 1920 and with his mother and step-father in the 1930 census. But where was Harry? And what happened to Bernie?

June 10, 2013

Children of Samuel Comfort and Anna Maria Youngblood

Married in 1784 in Montgomery, Orange County, NY, they had 9 known children as follows:

All of their children except son James (who moved to Kentucky) remained in New York State throughout their lives. Elsje, Hiram and Joel lived in Catskill. Moses moved to NYC, the others stayed in Montgomery.

1786-1862 Elsje + Egbert Bogardus, 7 children, Catskill

1786-1839 Moses + Anna Pache, 10 children

1788-1846 Samuel + Fanny Low, 10 children

1791-1839 Hiram + Julia Ludington, 5 children

1792-1881 Mary + Isaac Douglass/Philip Mould, 3 children

1795-1844 James + Jane Smith, 8 children

1797-1874 Martha + Moses Rogers, 4 children

1800–1871Joel D. + Emeline Ludington, 5 children

1802–1892 Catherine + Peter Clearwater, 1 child

June 8, 2013

Children of Benjamin Comfort and Elizabeth Youngblood

They married in 1780 in Montgomery, Orange County, NY and had 9 known children as shown below. Elizabeth died in 1805 when their youngest son was only 3.  Benjamin outlived her by only 9 years.

Three of their sons moved to Mississippi: Daniel, William and Joseph. Catherine remained in Orange County. Benjamin, Samuel and Absalom lived in Catskill, Greene County. David and Jacob have not been found as adults; unsure if they survived and if so, did they leave NY state?
1784-1855  Daniel +Martha Cruser, 9 children

1786–1867  Benjamin + Eliza Kierstad, 10 children

1788-1832  Catherine + John D Fulton, 7 children

1790 - ??    David   
1792–1836  William + Eleanor Whitsett, 6 children

1794 - ??    Jacob  

1797–1870 Samuel G. + Mary S Chollet, 6 children

1799–1858 Abasalom + Sarah Oliver, 8 children

1802–1870 Joseph W + Nancy Williams, 7 children

June 5, 2013

Family Snippets: Comfort - Youngblood 1780s New York

In Montgomery, Orange County, NY brothers Benjamin and Samuel Comfort married sisters Elizabeth and Anna Maria Youngblood.  The four remained in Montgomery where they raised their families, died and were buried in the local church cemetery.

The grooms were sons of New York natives John Comfort (1725-1795) and his wife Annatje Maul (1726-1805). Their brides were daughters of Revolutionary Soldier Johannes Wilhelm Youngblood and his wife Caterina Buchstaber (1744-1807) who were also born in New York. All four had parents born in Germany.

Benjamin (1757-1814) and Elizabeth (1763-1805) married in 1780 and had 9 known children (8 sons and 1 daughter) and at least 53 grandchildren. Two of their sons (David b 1790 and Jacob b 1794) have not been found as adults. Only their daughter remained within the same county after marrying. Three sons moved to Catskill in Greene County and 3 sons moved south to Mississippi.  Benjamin outlived his wife by 9 years. 

Samuel (1760-1802) and Anna Maria (1762-1847) married in 1784 and also had 9 known children and 53 grandchildren!  All but one of them stayed in New York State – 1 in NYC, 3 in Catskill and the others in Montgomery. Their son James ventured south to Kentucky. Anna Maria outlived her husband by 45 years.