June 25, 2013

Searching for Harry Conklin of Lackawack NY

He was the oldest son of John and Etta in this Ulster County town, listed with them in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, born 1893.  It seems he married Georgiana Lavanture about 1913 in Bridgeport, CT (where his two older sisters lived in 1910). Their only son was born there in 1914 and by 1918, Harry was back in Ulster County where he referenced his mother, not his wife, on his WW I registration card.

I have searched and searched for him in the 1920 and 1930 records without success.  He and Georgiana evidently went their separate ways shortly after their son’s birth and were divorced before 1922 when she married Albert Dawsey.  Their son Bernie was found in Bridgeport with his mother (listed as a WIDOW) and maternal grandmother in 1920 and with his mother and step-father in the 1930 census. But where was Harry? And what happened to Bernie?

In 1940 Harry was listed as a divorced house painter lodging in Newark, New Jersey where both of his sisters had been living in the 1930s.  So, did he follow them?  I thought perhaps they could be the key to his location in 1920.  So far his sisters Anna Christian / Campbell and Eunice Upham have not led me to Harry. Nor can I be sure that one of the several Bernies I have located is indeed his son. No matching SSDI record, no findagrave, no newspaper death notice yet found for Harry. If you know, would you please contact me.  He’s one of my long-lost great uncles.

Just to complete the circle, I haven’t found a death record for Georgiana Dawsey either. She was with her husband in the 1940 census, but was NOT listed as his contact on the 1942 WW II registration form.  Did she die?  Leave him? Remarry? I thought perhaps if I found a death notice for her in a newspaper it could lead me to her son Bernie. I’ll keep looking.

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