May 28, 2012

Remembering Civil War Ancestors

women were involved too !

 Wisconsin Soldiers' Aid

Her nephew George Williams Peckham 1845-1914
     Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, 1st Reg, Co B

James McDole 1831-1901 Ulster Cty
     NY 80th Infantry, Co I   
Reuben Lake 1845-1897   Ulster Cty
    NY 127th Infantry, Co F
His brother Francis 1847-1867    
     NY 4th Cavalry, Co D
Their brother-in-law
Alexander McConnell 1843-1989 Sullivan Cty
     NY 1st Cavalry, Co D

Thomas W Clark 1844-1893  Delaware Cty         
     NY 144th  Infantry, Co C

Brothers from Catskill in Greene County

Ira Ludington 1835-1880                
    NY 5th Heavy Artillery, Co C

George S Ludington 1844-1910      
    NY 5th Heavy Artillery, Co C

Robert H Ludington 1848-1878      
    NY 19th Infantry, Co E

Major Malbone F. Watson 1839-1891
            West Point graduate, lost leg at Gettysburg

His younger brother Lt John W Watson 1841-1864
            5thCavalry Iowa, Co H
            Killed at Battle of Nashville

and their cousin
Colonel George Watson Pratt 1830-1862
            NY 20th and 80th Infantry
            Fatally injured 2nd Battle of Bull Run

And many more 

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