February 16, 2013

Great Catskill Village Cemetery Resource

The genealogy community in Catskill, NY has done a terrific job of documenting gravestones in the Village Cemetery.  By listing them based on location, family groups can be found and understood – often providing a hard-to-find maiden name, a daughter’s married name (even if the husband is not buried there) and confirmation of children lost at a young age.

Here is an example (without the dates):

Julia Bennett, widow of Hiram Bogardus

Hiram Bogardus

Sarah R. Clark, w/o Howard Wilcox
Egbert Jedson, s/o Howard and Sarah Wilcox
Abraham, s/o Egbert and Elsie Bogardus
Julia Clark Linthicum

Martha Ann, widow of Z.M. Clark, and d/o the late Egbert and Elsie Bogardus <my favorite with so much info>
Eliza C. Bogardus
Emeline Bogardus
Elsie Comfort, w/o Egbert Bogardus
Egbert Bogardus

There are several generations listed here plus maiden and married names that were not previously known. It was immensely helpful in piecing together this family group.

Elsje Comfort 1785-1862 and husband Egbert Bogardus 1781-1852. The others are their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Daughter Eliza 1804-1895, unmarried

Daughter Emeline 1808-1869, unmarried

Son Hiram 1811-1875 and his wife Julia Bennett

Son Abraham 1815, died as baby

Daughter Martha Ann 1816-1896 widow of Z.M Clark

         *** very important as they were never found together

Gr-dau Sarah R Clark 1840-1870 wife of H. Wilcox

         Gt grandson Egbert J Wilcox 1860-1865

Gr-daug Julia Clark Linthicum 1848-1914

         Her marriage had not been known, husband not here

If you had any family in Catskill, check out this rootsweb listing. Thanks to Sylvia and Reinhard Hasenkopf for all their diligent transcription work. Findagrave is a good resource, but a local reference might be even more helpful.

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