July 23, 2014

Bonus info in Iowa State Census 1925

I have been stumped for a while on the deaths of James V Ely and his wife Sarah Loomis who lived in Hudson, New York. I have not found them in the 1930 census nor have I found a death or burial record for either of them.  One of their sons died in 1923 and they were both named as survivors, so that’s the last I knew of them.

Today I happened upon the 1925 state census record for their son Fred who lived in Cedar Rapids. What really took me by surprise was PAGE TWO where both parents are listed (mother with maiden name, which I knew already, but a bonus in a case where maiden name was not known). Place of birth and age at last birthday are also recorded for the parents.  James was listed as 68 and Sarah as 65 … so now I know they were still living in 1925. The search continues.

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