June 2, 2015

Look carefully at Findagrave Photos

While researching my Peckham line from Oswego, New York I briefly glanced at a gravestone photo Erasmus Peckham (1832-1879) on findagrave.  He and his wife Nancy Wooster are listed together. However (thank you findagrave contributor H. Harmych) there is a also a photo of a second stone that provided new new information.

At first I had not paged down to see this second photo and when I did, initially the impact of the information contained there did not hit me. When I decided to transcribe information about these 2 previously unknown children, the death year 1865 seemed odd since Erasmus and Nancy married after 1870. Then examining it more closely I saw that Kittie's parents were noted as E.W. and K.B. Peckham while John's were E.W. and N.A. Peckham. Who was K B Peckham and what happened to her?

I went back through NY state records and found the family of 3 in the 1865 census. Knowing that Erasmus fought in the Civil War, I had not necessarily expected him to be in NY in 1865. Kittie was listed as age 27, born in Kentucky and that clue helped me find their 1864 marriage record. She was Kittie B Price of Jefferson County, KY, born in 1838. 

I wonder if he might have met her during his war service ... that will take more research. At this point I only know that she was not with him in the 1870 census and that he was married to Nancy about 1873. 

Thanks to one photograph I can add 3 additional people to my Peckham family --- glad I looked at its details.

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